Kislev 13 - Sun, November 29 2020



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"As the Shabbat Queen departs and darkness descends, the Havdalah ceremony fills us with hope and courage." 

Join us for a short ceremony as we wish Shabbat farewell with prayers for the week ahead. 

Saturday Evenings
at 7:00pm

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Meeting ID: 854 8821 8564
Passcode: 070249


If you would like to have your own supplies to participate rather than just watch you will need:

1) Wine or grape juice. In a pinch, beverages such as beer, juice or even tea may be used.

2) A cup or goblet with a plate or tray underneath.

3) Spices. Cloves and/or myrtle twigs are generally used, but any pleasant-smelling spice or plant will do. Many households have a specially designed spice box to hold the Havdalah spices.

4) A braided candle, or two candles you can hold together to create one flame.


Read more about the Havdalah Ceremony here

Virtual Havdalah

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